An Explanation Of Apple Mac Hardware Usage

Make The Mouse Pointer Larger

After giving live computer lessons to pensioners in London (UK) over the years one of the questions that kept coming up during teaching was "How do I make the mouse pointer bigger?", to which I give the answer and show them how. This question arises because of the mouse pointer being too small whereby the student cannot see it, even when they are moving the mouse! So in this section I thought I would show you how to make the mouse pointer bigger / larger.

Begin by opening the System Preferences window (control panel) and then click on the ACCESSIBILITY Preferences icon (Fig 1.0) to open the Accessibility window (Fig 1.1).

Fig 1.0  Click on the ACCESSIBILITY Preferences icon to continue

Fig 1.1  Click on the CURSOR SIZE Slider button and drag it (slide it) towards the LARGE position

With the ACCESSIBILITY window open (Fig 1.1 above) the next step is to slide (drag/move) the CURSOR SIZE Slider button (Fig 1.1 above) from the NORMAL position (notch/marker) towards the LARGE position (notch/marker). This is done by clicking on the CURSOR SIZE Slider button and keeping the left mouse button (click) pressed down (held down/clicked) as you move (drag/slide) the mouse pointer rightwards towards the position (notch/marker) called LARGE. As you do this the mouse pointer (cursor) will grow in size. You do not have to slide all the way to LARGE - In this example I'm only sliding to the next position (notch/marker) after the NORMAL position (notch/marker). When you have decided upon a position, denoted by the growing mouse pointer (cursor), let go of the left mouse button to apply that mouse pointer (cursor) size.

NOTE - On the ACCESSIBILITY window, make sure you are on the DISPLAY Tab and therefore viewing the Mouse Cursor settings (preferences). If not, simply click on the DISPLAY Tab (on the word DISPLAY) to the left of the ACCESSIBILITY window.

Fig 1.2  Drag the CURSOR SIZE Slider button rightwards, towards your desired notch before releasing the LMB.

Unlike Windows 10 you cannot change the look of the mouse pointer (cursor) on MacOS. There are utilities out there though, in the App Store, that can work as alternative methods for locating the mouse and therefore changing it appearance to some degree. Did I Click for example is a menu bar utility that lets you know whether or not you actually clicked on the left mouse button by making a sound and/or by putting a temporary circle/radar around the mouse pointer (cursor) itself.