Over a period of time of using the MAIL application it will have built up a list of Previous Recipients for you (previously contacted e-mail addresses) that you are probably unaware of but use only a daily/weekly basis. It's made up of those e-mail addresses that automatically appear when you begin typing an e-mail address into the TO edit box of MAIL. In other words, if I type j for john it might come up with (suggest from the previous recipients list) the e-mail addresses, and so on. It is that list of e-mail addresses (previous e-mailed recipients) that I am going to example in this section. I will show you how to edit the list.

Begin by opening (launching/executing/running) the application called MAIL. Once it opens click on its WINDOW menu and then on its PREVIOUS RECIPIENTS menu-item to bring up the Previous Recipients window (Fig 1.1).

Fig 1.0  Click on the WINDOW menu of the application called MAIL and then click on its PREVIOUS RECIPIENTS menu-item

When the Previous Recipients window appears you will see a list of previous recipients you have emailed, as described above. Some of them might not have names next to their e-mail address simply because they could of been business e-mail addresses you contacted or replied to and/or e-mail addresses that you forgot to put a name to when adding them to your contacts (address) book. Regardless of this though, you can still add them to your contacts (address) book from this list and then edit their name etc details using your standard contacts (address) book or you can simply delete them from this previous recipients list; and from your contacts (address) book of course.

Note: In the examples below I have purposely blurred the contacts simply because I have used live examples with real contacts.

Fig 1.1  The Previous Recipients list is a collection of names and e-mail addresses from people and businesses you have previously e-mailed

To add a person (or business) listed in the Previous Recipients list to your Contacts (Address) Book you first need to click on their Name/E-Mail/Last Used entry to highlight and select it, as shown above, in order to see if the ADD TO CONTACTS button becomes available. It will only become available if that selected person (or business) is not already in your contacts (address) book. A faded out ADD TO CONTACTS button denotes that selected person (or business) is already in your contacts (address) book. In this example the selected business is not in my contacts (address) book so I will click on the ADD TO CONTACTS button.

Fig 1.2  Click on a person's name/e-mail address entry and then on the ADD TO CONTACTS button to add them to your Contacts (Address) Book

The REMOVE FROM LIST button will always be available, regardless if the Previous Recipients list is empty or not, allowing you to delete highlighted/selected people and business entries. Those people/businesses will NOT be removed from your contacts (address) book though. When a highlighted/selected person/business has been removed the Previous Recipients list the next person/business entry is automatically highlighted and selected (Fig 1.4 below).

Fig 1.3  Click on a person's name/e-mail address entry and then click on the REMOVE FROM LIST button to remove them from the Previous Recipients list

Fig 1.4  The entry has been removed from the Previous Recipients list - The next entry is automatically highlighted and selected.

You don't have to delete entries one by one. You can select all entries with the keyboard keys CMD and A (Select ALL) or just select a few entries with the SHIFT and/or CMD keyboard key options (i.e. select a range of entries with SHIFT or just miscellaneous/odd entries with CMD). The same applies when adding entries to your contacts (address) book.

Fig 1.5  You can select a range of entries (with the SHIFT key), all entries (with the CMD and A keys) or just the odd few entries (with the CMD key)

You can also search for entries. In this next example I have searched for the name JOHN by typing john into the SEARCH edit box located in the top-right corner of the Previous Recipients window. You can search for names and e-mail addresses, or parts of, as the search features checks entries as you type.

Fig 1.6  Click inside the SEARCH edit box and then type in the name or e-mail address of the person/business you are looking for

It's important to be aware of the Previous Recipients list, and more importantly to check it over every now and then, because in many cases it can be used to retrieve contacts that have been deleted from your contacts (address) book and/or contacts you have forgotten about (and not in your contacts book) whereby you now need their e-mail address! In other words, the Previous Recipients list can sometimes be a life saver.