Shopping Online and Banking Online (E-Banking) have a bad reputation at the moment, and probably will do for years to come, due to negativity such as "Don't Trust The Internet For Shopping" (usually told by the ill-informed, scare mongers and people who never shop online or e-bank) and the fact that real life online fraud cases exist unfortunately (usually done via e-mail or online shopping), but this doesn't mean everyone will be frauded online.

If online fraud was at epidemic level no one would use the internet in general. Meaning, people still use the internet to download files and read e-mails for example even though a potential virus could be one click away. Now although a virus is not the same as fraud, both of them can cost you dearly if you bump into them.

Using a PayPal Account to protect your debit/credit card's identity, not opening e-mails from unknown people and always keeping your computer up-to-date can prevent you from becoming an "online fraud" statistic. Another thing you can use is a piece of software from Trusteer called Rapport, downloadable from your bank's website or the trusteer website.

Rapport is a piece of security software that installs itself as an OS X (Mountain Lion) computer service and extra piece of web browser software for Safari and Firefox. It does not work with Google Chrome though, at the time of writing this lesson, therefore stick to using one of the two mentioned web browsers when shopping online and e-banking.

Rapport basically protects against Key Logging (i.e. prevents the sending of your User Name & Password keystrokes for example to a fraudsters website/server) and Screen Capture (i.e. prevents photos being taken of your desktop screen, which might be displaying your bank/credit details for example). It protects against other things that a fraudster might use to get hold of your bank/credit details whilst you are shopping online and e-banking, but key logging and screen capture are two important areas of protection. It also makes sure you are visiting your bank's website for example and not a fake version of your bank's website.


To download Rapport DON'T USE ANY OLD WEBSITE OFF THE INTERNET - Eother go to your bank's website or the official Trusteer website instead. There are two reasons for going directly to your bank's website. 1) The internet is full of fake software (including fake, virus infested, Rapport software), so you don't really want to visit a website that offers you a download link to a fraudster's fake Rapport software. And 2) because the bank's version of Rapport is normally fine-tuned (specially programmed) to suit their particular online banking security requirements.

Fig 1.0  The first place to download Rapport from is your bank's own website

The example below shows how to download the Santander UK version of the Rapport software from the official Trusteer website. If you bank with HSBC for example you should visit the HSBC bank website, search Google for "HSBC Trusteer Rapport Download" (without quotes) in order to find a genuine HSBC Bank rapport download, or just visit the Trusteer website directly -  The Santander UK Rapport Download link is -

To download the Rapport software (installation file) from the Trusteer website begin by visiting - and then click on the link called - Mac OSX- Snow Leopard (10.6.x), Lion (10.7.x),Mountain Lion (10.8x). This will expand into a list of various download links (Fig 1.2).

Fig 1.1  Click on the link called - Mac OSX- Snow Leopard (10.6.x), Lion (10.7.x),Mountain Lion (10.8x) - to expand it into a list of various download links

After clicking on the link called - Mac OSX- Snow Leopard (10.6.x), Lion (10.7.x),Mountain Lion (10.8x) - scroll down the listing until you reach your bank's Rapport Download link. In this example the Santander UK Rapport Download link - Santander UK: Clicking on that download link will then download the Installation File (Rapport software). Visiting your bank's own website and clicking on its DOWNLOAD RAPPORT NOW button/link (Fig 1.0 above) will also download the rapport Installation File (Fig 1.3 below), but remember it may contain a special version purposely made for the bank.

Fig 1.2  Click on the link called - Santander UK: - to download the Installation File.

Once the Installation File (Rapport software), called Rapport.dmg, has been downloaded into your DOWNLOADS folder for example the next step is to double click on its icon (below) to begin the actual installation process (start up the Installation Wizard).

Fig 1.3  The Installation File (Rapport software) has been downloaded - Double click on its icon to begin the installation process.

After double clicking on the icon of the downloaded Rapport.dmg installation file (Disk Image) OS X Mountain Lion will decompress it (Fig 1.4 below) and then created a logical hard drive for its decompressed content, on the desktop (Fig 1.5), which is named after the installation file (Disk Image). Once that is done the logical hard drive will open automatically to reveal its decompressed content (Fig 1.6).

A Disk Image (.dmg) file is a cross between a .zip (compressed folder) file and a flash drive - When double clicked on OS X Mountain Lion automatically decompresses (unzips) the content of the Disk Image (.dmg) installation file, just as it would a .zip file, but then creates a logical hard drive for it instead of a standard folder. The logical hard drive acts just like a flash drive in that it can be unmounted (removed) from the desktop and OS X Mountain Lion operating system. A bit like Windows 7's 'Safe To Remove Hardware' feature.

Fig 1.4  The Rapport.dmg installation file (disk image) is being decompressed by OS X Mountain Lion

Fig 1.5  A logical hard drive has been created for the content of the decompressed Disk Image (.dmg) installation file

Fig 1.6  The content of the decompressed Disk Image (.dmg) installation file can be seen via the opened logical hard drive

In the above example the Rapport.dmg installation file (Disk Image) was decompressed to reveal two files called Rapport.pkg and Uninstall To begin the actual installation of the Rapport software simply double click on the Rapport.pkg file to launch its Installation Wizard.

PKG files are basically .zip (compressed folder) files that contain the actual software files (i.e. Rapport files) alongside the Installer (Set-Up / Installation Wizard) file and Uninstaller (Uninstallation Wizard) file. Double clicking on an Installer file, such as the Rapport.pkg file, automatically executes (launches/runs) the software's Installation Wizard.


As with any Installation Wizard its first step (below) always begins with a Welcome Message. Read it if you must! and then click on its CONTINUE button to proceed to step 2 of the installation wizard (Fig 1.8).

Fig 1.7  Read the Welcome Message, if need be, and then click on the CONTINUE button to proceed.

After reading the above message and clicking on its CONTINUE button you arrive at step 2 of the installation (below), which is the License Agreement. Although the above message was nothing to be concerned about, you should pay attention to the License Agreement message by reading it carefully.

Although license agreements tend to contain useless information, they usually explain Copyright issues or Usage issues that clarify who can use the software and who cannot. So if, for example, you are told that a certain piece of software is Free and/or Free To Use you may want to clarify this by reading the agreement. Some installation wizards do not allow you to continue, by fading out the CONTINUE button, until you have read (scrolled down) the license agreement.

If after reading the terms and conditions you agree to them, click on the CONTINUE button (below) and then on the AGREE button (Fig 1.9) to continue.

Fig 1.8  Read the Terms & Conditions carefully before clicking on the CONTINUE button

Fig 1.9  If you agree to the Terms & Conditions click on the AGREE button to continue

The next step of the installation wizard would normally give you the option to change the destination folder (location folder) used to store the actual Rapport software files in, which includes the file (the application itself). However, due to the nature of the software it means there is no CHANGE INSTALL LOCATION button available to you. Rapport will install its software on your computer's hard drive as a standard installation - You have no choice of installing it onto a flash drive for example. So in this example just click on the INSTALL button to carry on with the standard installation of Rapport.

In general, if a CHANGE INSTALL LOCATION button is available, it should only be used in scenarios whereby you were previously having problems with the installation and/or need the software installed on another hard drive for example. In other words, when troubleshooting an installation problem. For example. If a piece of software is not working when it is installed inside the 'standard installation' folder you might try reinstalling it with your 'preferred' folder selected as the destination folder (location folder).

Fig 1.10  Click on the INSTALL button to begin the actual installation of the Rapport software files

After clicking on the INSTALL button a security requester will appear asking you to authorize this installation of Rapport. Simply enter the password of the currently logged-in user account into the security requester's PASSWORD Edit Box and then click on its INSTALL SOFTWARE button to continue.

Fig 1.11  Enter the password of the currently logged-in user account and then click on the INSTALL SOFTWARE button

With the installation process now authorized to place files on your apple mac computer the installation wizard can continue by copying the actual Rapport software files on your apple mac computer, as well as registering Rapport as an application and performing the overall setup procedure. The above installation steps were just the preparation stages for you to customize, authorize and agree to with regards to where the actual Rapport software/application files will be installed and so on.

If you need to cancel (quit) an installation process at any time, not just this one, you should click on the CANCEL button or QUIT button of the installation's current window; if one of these buttons are available of course. Or just click on the window's red eXit button. In some cases, generally speaking, even if you click on a CANCEL button the installation might have gone too far for it to be stopped, cancelled and/or reversed. So think very carefully before deciding to install any software on your computer.

Fig 1.12  The installation wizard is now installing the actual Rapport software files

When the installation process is complete, denoted by the final installation step below, click on the CLOSE button to proceed. Rapport will then be ready to use. You don't need to do anything from this point onwards - Rapport will place its ARROW Icon on your Safari web browser and turn Green when you are on a safe shopping/banking website for example (Fig 1.17).

Fig 1.13  The installation wizard has finished - click on the CLOSE button to continue

Fig 1.14  Rapport has been installed successfully

At this point you could EJECT the mounted logical hard drive (below) that was created by the Disk Image (.dmg) installation file, but it's not necessary as it will be unmounted when you next restart the computer or switch it off. However, if you do want to eject it now simply right click over its desktop icon and then select the EJECT menu-item.

Fig 1.15  Right click over the desktop icon of the mounted logical hard drive and then select the EJECT menu-item

Now whenever you visit a website that asks you for your bank or credit details (i.e. your credit card information) you should notice the rapport Left Arrow icon inside your web browser's Address Box edit box (or somewhere close to it) has changed from Grey (Fig 1.15 below) to Green (Fig 1.16).

The grey rapport icon is displayed whenever you are on a website that is trusted and/or posses no known threats which basically means rapport is not protecting you, credit card wise / login wise, while you are on that web page or website.....because it feels no need to.

The green rapport icon is displayed whenever you are on a website that may pose a threat and/or ask you for bank details, login details or credit details for example. Basically, green means rapport is protecting you from online fraud and fraudsters.

Fig 1.16  Rapport does not see this Google web page as a threat. Hence the grey rapport icon.

Fig 1.17  Rapport is protecting me on the Santander website while I use my Online Banking Account. Hence the green rapport icon.

If you ever need to STOP Rapport for whatever reason(s), or NEVER BLOCK Screen Captures (recordings of the screen) because you are making a video tutorial using the desktop screen for example, you can use the TRUSTEER RAPPORT System Preferences (control panel) to do so.

Fig 1.18  The Rapport software has its own TRUSTEER RAPPORT System Preferences (control panel)

Although the TRUSTEER RAPPORT System Preferences (control panel) window has many settings you can actually leave most, if not all, of them alone. There is normally no reason to open its System Preferences. I have only shown it here so that you know it exists and if necessary how to stop or restart its services.

Hopefully you will download and install Trusteer Rapport and add an extra layer of defence to your internet experience. It is FREE Protection Software after all. I say hopefully because many people on the internet don't like this software - They think it's useless and complain about how the Banks should be protecting you, from their end, without you the customer having to put 'unwanted bloated/buggy' software on their computer. All I will say on this matter is that if I have a credit card with a limit of £2,000 for example I will do all I can to protect that credit card and my online banking experience - If a piece of free software is blocking potential fraudsters.....