In this section I have composed a "Quick List/Reference" of POP (POP3) E-Mail Settings for use with the applications called Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook. I have only focused on BT, Orange, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin settings, for now, as these are the common, dominant, Broadband ISPs (Internet Service Providers) at this time.

The e-mail settings below are specifically for the Apple Mail application TABs (mini windows) in terms of their setting names. Meaning, just lookup a setting and you will see its common, required, entry. So if you lookup the setting called Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) for example you will notice that BT use mail.btinternet.com whereas Orange use smtp.orangehome.co.uk. On top of this BT might use mail.btopenworld.com for older customers with broadband packages from years ago.

I have not concentrated on IMAP settings, only POP3 settings, because this section is more for those who like a copy of their e-mails on the ISP's server as well as a downloaded copy on their own computer. With this being said; Many ISPs these days don't like you to untick the setting called 'Remove Copy From Server After Retrieving A Message', probably because they are tight-fisted with their storage allowance? Either way, don't let this put you off - If you want to use that setting so that you can keep a copy of your valuable e-mails on their server then go ahead and remove the tick next to it (untick it). I, personally, always use it (untick it) simply because you don't know what will happen to your computer one day. At least with that setting unticked you know you have a backup copy on your ISPs server (computer).

Apple Mail - E-Mail Settings BT Yahoo Orange Sky TalkTalk Virgin
Enable This Account Ticked Ticked Ticked Ticked Ticked
Account Type POP3 POP3 POP3 POP3 POP3
Description John (BT) John (Orange) John (Sky) John (TalkTalk) John (Virgin)
E-Mail Address johncairns@btinternet.com john@cairns.orangehome.co.uk johncairns@sky.com johncairns@talktalk.net john.cairns@virginmedia.com
Full Name John Cairns John Cairns John Cairns John Cairns John Cairns
Incoming Mail Server mail.btinternet.com pop.orangehome.co.uk pop.tools.sky.com mail.talktalk.net pop3.virginmedia.com
Username johncairns@btinternet.com cairns.orangehome.co.uk johncairns@sky.com johncairns@talktalk.net john.cairns@virginmedia.com
Password Hmm!!! Hmm!!! Hmm!!! Hmm!!! Hmm!!!
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) mail.btinternet.com smtp.orangehome.co.uk smtp.tools.sky.com smtp.talktalk.net smtp.virginmedia.com
Use Only This Server Ticked Ticked Ticked Ticked Ticked
TLS Certificate None None None None None
ADVANCED Tab (POP Settings)
Port 110 110 995 110 995
Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Unticked Unticked Ticked Unticked Ticked
Authentication Password Password Password Password Password
Edit SMTP Server List / ADVANCED Tab
Use Custom Port 25 25 465 25 465
Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Unticked Unticked Ticked Unticked Ticked
Authentication Password None Password None Password
Username johncairns@btinternet.com johncairns@sky.com john.cairns@virginmedia.com
Password Hmm!!! Hmm!!! Hmm!!!
Where I Found These Settings Official Web Page Official Web Page Official Web Page Official Web Page Official Web Page

Another reason for only putting common, up-to-date, settings in this section is because at this time Carphone Warehouse own many of the previous big companies such as Tiscali, Onetel and AOL UK. Meaning, these customers will eventually be switched over to TalkTalk. So with the three major Broadband ISPs (BT, TalkTalk and Virgin) dominating the UK market it makes no sense to list old, out-of-date, e-mail settings.